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MAKER4MAKER.NET - inside the box

what you need to know

Before your box goes off on its journey overseas (more detail to be added here) you need to define a checklist of components. Then you need to fundraise, or to find a way to source all those components, to go into your box. Your badges will also recognise your organisational and entrepreneurial skills in filling your box. You need two sets of everything because you are going to attempt the project too - and compare your attempts with the displaced children's attempts. little box

your box needs a good mix of components - you are not sending a kit to be completed, but a set of components that could be used to complete the task in different ways - they don't need to be expensive components, although they could be if you can support that and if it made the project better.

your box needs the tools to work with your component - make no assumptions that your paired children have anything already (although you can assume that they all have smart phones). If they need scissors, soldering irons,wire, solder, terminals, glue, cogs, wheels, solar panels, the ingredients to "cook" conductive play-doh, the ability to make holes, needles and cotton, pens, glitter... anything relevant. Then you need to put it all into the box, and keep a duplicate set yourselves.

your box will need a description of your project challenge - you shouldn't make assumptions about language, but good clear artwork will help. Include all and any data sheets with your components. For example if you include a small solar panel, the technical leaflet it came with should be included.

finally, you will need a large (A4 or A3?) laminated photo of your maker-team with their first names and a small map of Europe showing where you are based.

They do have mains voltage (240v) electricity and water out there, although be aware that both can be a little intermittent.



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