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MAKER4MAKER.NET - example shared projects


the project you choose should not be too prescribed - you will do something different in your makerspace to what the children do at the "other end"

seeing what you each made of the challenge, and learning from that, is a big part of why you are doing this...

whatever project you decide on, you will need to think hard about the selection of materials and tools needed for your project partners to have choices about how they interpret the challenge

of course, it may be a little competitive too.

a better hat

making a better hat

A better hat might have a solar energy panel, a storage battery, an adjstable light - for reading, or walking, a warning light perhaps coming on at dusk... but it could easily also have a rain triggered "widening" brim, inflatable horns (very Viking!), a warm brim for cold nights, fly deflectors... and so much more.

What is possible, and what choices, will depend on what components you send out - and you will need to send simple tools too - a soldering iron, solder - or maybe crimps... and so on.

a better bear

making a better toy bear

The better bear might have motion triggered red eyes, and a growl if moved, the little tie could rotate simply (perhaps if a paw is pressed, or two paws are held) or in a more complex way - as a child approached with a "tag")

the bear might store heat energy for cold nights, or be a cleaning filter for poor drinking water - or could be programmed for sequential actions... and so on.

see detailed example of possible box content for this "better bear" challenge

a better ball

making a better ball

this idea can from one of the former-refugee students at UCJC - a ball that is so much more than "just a ball" - it could capture data (maybe an accelerometer), it could produce noises when kicked for sight impaired users (a bell? an electronic whistle?).

A remote control (bluetooth? many of the refugees have smart phones, albeit the networks can be patchy as can electricity supplies), a little car inside (as inside a Sphero) could allow the ball to be remotely controlled - and programmed to score a goal on its own!... and so on.


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