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MAKER4MAKER.NET - bear challenge example

More to come here, but this is to help you start to think about what's in a box for each project.

Remember of course that a school maker team assembling the box will also have set a particular project before the box is filled and despatched - this better bear project, and the other examples, is only indicative...

little better bear

Kit list might include:

a Build a Bear kit as a starter (like this one, but you can get better locally -

A few LEDS

A tiny DC motor (to spin the bow tie, a a propellor on the bear's head, etc)

some cable tie wraps (a few, small) Velcro (the kind you sew in) Sewing kit (the kind you can get from hotels - or assemble your own)

A Piezo sensor -
or (more sensitive)
The piezo sensor will work as a pressure sensor and can also work as a little speaker!

Then, to add some intelligent logic: Arduino -

Or an Arduino Bean ( which will work with a mobile phone using Bean Loader, or Tickle

For power: Solar panel -

or an AA battery box -

Some wires (24awg), maybe a couple of connectors, and possibly a breadboard.. debate here about connecting wires - if solder then a soldering iron and solder needed, ———

Other tools It is really a case of laying these components out, then thinking what tools are needed - wire strippers, pliers, screwdriver? Glue?

and so on... and it all needs to fit into a box of course.

little box

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