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We need your help. Scattered around the world are a lot of displaced children - many in Jordan and Turkey. They are bright, ingenious, full of curiousity and fun to be around. They have had a tough time.

This project asks schools and communities with existing makerspaces to create a maker-activity that a small number of displaced children can enjoy with you, from wherever they are currently living. It is a long-range, two-way activity; the activity will engage you in your makerspace and the displaced children will do it too.

You will compare and swap ideas and outcomes. You will all learn a little about each other, but also about how to learn on-line, across cultures, to be ingenious using STEM and maker resources, to problem solve and more.

Everybody gains.

None of this happens without resources: to join in you will need to decide just what simple resources are needed for your collaborators to engage in the maker-activity.

Then you will need to fundraise for, or to simply buy, those resources, before sending them out to your "pairs".

You decide what is needed for your shared maker-activity, and that needs to be provided by you. This is the only way we can scale the overall project for a large number of displaced children.

There are some example maker-activity ideas for pairs that you can view to get you started on your own ideas, but really, it is your ideas we need here.

There are a lot of children displaced from their homes around the world.

More than 20 million.

This project focuses, for now, on displaced Syrian children but it has the potential to work with all.

Watch this space...




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